UX design, research & writing


Photo of Cheryl Templeton.

For me, design is sense-making. I'm motivated by untangling messes and creating order. Before my career in design, I found similar satisfaction in drawing, painting, and writing.

Design allows me to use my skills in synthesizing information to help others and provide value to clients.

Most recently, I worked as a senior UX designer at FTI Technology improving the user experience of Ringtail, an enterprise web application used by litigation teams to visualize, manage, and organize large volumes of documents.

I have an eye for detail while also looking at the broader, product-wide picture. I maintain UX guidelines and scrutinize UI text while also running user research studies to make sure that we build features that are meaningful and intuitive.

In my free time I enjoy reading science fiction (recently several Connie Willis books), swimming, and pottery.