UX design, research & writing

Legal E-Discovery User Research Program

FTI Technology (2014–present)

I initiated and organized a new focus on user research and usability testing. I interview and observe participants in addition to conducting think-aloud usability testing, in order to gain insight into how and why people use e-discovery software (not just our product) and to expose the entire development team to first-hand accounts and experiences. I seek out both experienced and novice users to gain a broad perspective.

Coworkers in design, development, quality assurance, and product management have attended user testing sessions and research presentations. Attending these sessions has helped the whole team think about their biases and gaps in understanding, leading to more reflection on our product and the desire to continue learning about our users.


  • Recruiting representative and varied participants
  • NDA and compensation logistics
  • Study design including writing tasks, interview protocol, and preparing wireframes and prototypes
  • Running studies (site visits or remote via screen sharing and phone)
  • Creating reports and a shared archive
  • Presenting results to the entire development team
Screenshot of a document and a form for coding the document based on specified characteristics.
Testing with users lead to usability recommendations for the new conditional coding feature.